Home Repair and Remodeling can mean different things to different people.

For example, if you have a lot of time on your hands and you just want to make your home the dream home you always wanted, without having to budget, worry about money or whether you will get the return on your investment further down the line when you sell it, then you are probably in a privileged and enviable position and your home repair and remodeling will be an experience different to most other people out there.

The truth is, most people owning a home are working their butts off, because they have a mortgage, credit cards, kids who need money, pets and the list goes on and on, so their idea of home repair and remodeling will have a “slightly” different meaning.than to those in the example above. It all comes down to time and money, both of which most people don’t have enough of.

Depending on the extent of your planned home remodeling or repairs, there will be things you need to consider, both from your and your family’s safety and financial point of view before you start.

Ask yourself the following questions:

1. Is the home repair or remodeling I want to do, going to significantly increase the value of my home, if not in the short term then at least in the long term?

2. Am I prepared to live in the home, with my children and other family members, while the dust, noise, possible disruption to services, use of toilet, kitchen, bathroom and  other unforeseen stressful situations arise?

3. Do I have any experience with having home repairs and remodeling done to my previous home, even if it be when a contractor did all the work for me, let alone doing it myself?

4. Are permits from the local authorities needed for the job and can I get them?

5. Do I have a detailed specification of  materials and costs and estimates of labor costs, time of completion etc.?

6. Can I come up with the money to pay for all those costs , or am I prepared to live in an unfinished home while I wait to save up money, get another mortgage or borrow from family to finish the job before I retire or loose it and give up and just walk away from everything?

And finally the one thing I think you should actually ask yourself first is, whether the home repair and remodeling you intend to do can be done safely. When I say safely I mean do you have young children who are going to be living in the home while you knock down walls and make dust and other things for example.

Also if you are going to do work yourself, do you have experience using power tools and hand tools, erecting a work platform/scaffolding or even using a ladder, because it is so easy for an inexperienced person to injure him or herself and/or others. Safety should be the number one thing on your mind before deciding to do work yourself.

The above are just some general thoughts of caution that I think you should have before making decisions on  your home repair and remodeling plans based on some of my experiences, both with other people and my own.

I will get into details and specifics in my other pages and posts here.

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